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At Ways 2 Wellness, our goal is to help people achieve and maintain the healthy lifestyle transformations that allow them to reach their weight loss goals, improve their overall health, and pursue their dreams with more confidence.

My own ways to wellness were no less transformative.

For over 20 years, I worked on Wall Street in the area of technology. In 2008, with the financial markets falling apart at the seams, my own life also took a turn when my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time.


“Game over — there has to be more to life than this,” I told myself, before taking time off to support my sister in her recovery. Helping my sister through her health challenges made me realize that I needed to start taking better care of myself. I’d spent years dealing with the disappointment and frustration of being overweight, feeling constantly tired, and not having the energy or confidence to do many of the things that I really wanted to do.


I know what it’s like to struggle with weight and health challenges, because I’ve gone through it all myself.

I entered a new chapter in my life, one marked by transformation and determination. Guided by new awareness and priorities, I started to put myself at the top of my to-do list for the first time in my life… and eventually released over 90 pounds. I realized the key to weight loss was resetting my metabolism.  I did it without strenous exercise and have been able to keep the weight off.  I have more energy and I feel great!  We started implementing this program in our practice and we are seeing amazing results from our clients.

Our Story

I’m Donna Larsen.

I’m a nutritionist and health coach who helps busy people lose weight, gain energy, and lift their brain fog so they can build more successful, joyful, and fulfilling lives.


I earned my Master’s degree in Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrated Health and my Masters of Business Administration from New York University.
I hold memberships in the American College of Nutrition, the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
We understand the practical challenges that we all face in our busy lives when it comes to making healthy decisions and prioritizing our wellness — our modern lifestyles aren’t designed to make it easy! The Ways 2 Wellness Metabolic Reset meets people where they are and helps them make lifestyle changes that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Take the first step today on your journey back to health

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