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Reset your metabolism in just 10 weeks with the Ways 2 Wellness Metabolic Reset.

Shed extra pounds and unhealthy habits with a powerful program that teaches you how to transform your health for good.

Stop wasting time on fad diets and programs that demand that you starve yourself or sign up for expensive fitness classes.

Lasting weight loss doesn’t come from pricey meal supplement shakes or detox teas. It comes from simple, sustainable lifestyle shifts based on real science and designed to help you heal your body and your mindset.

The W2W Metabolic Reset is a 10-week health transformation program designed for busy people who’ve tried it all — and want to experience real, permanent results!

The program will help you lose weight and improve your overall health through lifestyle changes that are manageable and sustainable, rather than dramatic and impossible to keep up.

Escape the frustrating and unhealthy yo-yo diet cycle and lose weight on your own terms!


The W2W Metabolic Reset will help you:

Achieve and maintain your
weight loss goals
Feel more energized
Reduce your stress levels
Eliminate brain fog and improve concentration
Balance your hormones
and blood sugar
Improve chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension
Incorporate healthy meals into
your busy lifestyle
Improve your sleep
Optimize your gut health
Minimize or eliminate junk
food cravings
Boost your moods and experience fewer mood swings
Feel more confident living the life that you may have been putting off
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Healthy habits that are designed to fit every type of lifestyle, from the boardroom to the living room.



A comprehensive approach that addresses the many pillars of overall health and wellness.

DNA Strand


Research based tools and practices based on functional medicine principles.

The Ways 2 Wellness Metabolic Reset is the real deal.

Our three-phase nutrition and lifestyle plan, combined with weekly deep-dives into all of the critical components of health, will provide a total metabolic reset in just 10 weeks.

Weight management is about so much more than counting calories. We address all of the factors that contribute to weight gain (and that other programs often miss) such as sleep, digestion, stress, toxins, and other lifestyle factors.


With a powerful combination of individualized mindset coaching, group support, and expert nutrition plans, you’ll have all the tools necessary to see quick and satisfying results… and you’ll learn how to maintain these results for the rest of your life!

No push-ups. No running. No sweat. 

The W2W Metabolic Reset helps you to shed pounds through eating more healthily, rather than hiring a trainer.


You’ll learn how to cook real, whole foods and make healthier choices in the grocery store, kitchen, dining room, and drive-thru, letting you drop clothing sizes without picking up dumbbells.

Healthy skills for every lifestyle. 

You’ll enjoy reliable weight loss even when life is unpredictable, because the W2W Metabolic Reset meets you where you are.


You can successfully complete this program while working a full-time job, caring for little ones, or while on the road. You’ll discover how to make great choices wherever you are — on vacation, at the office, or letting loose at a party!

We help you understand the root causes behind your weight… and heal them.

During your introductory coaching session with Donna and the W2W Team, you’ll develop your own personal health and wellness goals.  


Additional health coaching sessions will explore your mindset and emotions regarding food and your weight, offering crucial insights to help you understand your eating psychology and heal your patterns. 


Through a functional medicine analysis, you’ll discover how your body works and how to work with it in order to lose weight sustainably, effectively, and safely — no more yo-yo cycle! 

The support you need,

from people who get it.


The W2W Metabolic Reset includes a high level of accountability and support that will help you stay on track to meet each of your goals. 


Throughout the 10-week program, you’ll have unlimited access to our exclusive Member’s Only Facebook group. This where you can share your wins, ask questions, and connect with members of the Ways 2 Wellness Family from all over the country who are transforming their lives. Our community will support you through challenges and celebrate your victories!


During our weekly live group coaching sessions, you’ll have your questions answered and learn from knowledgable guest speakers sharing their expertise on all areas of wellness, health, and mindset. 


Our Client Portal contains resources to help you stay motivated and in control of your health.


Everything you need to

meet your goals… and discover a brand new you.

The W2W Metabolic Reset is designed to include everything you need to reach your weight loss goals and maintain your healthy lifestyle for a lifetime! 

What’s included:

  • Welcome Kit Package shipped directly to your door

  • Ways 2 Wellness Reset Instruction Manual and step-by-step process

  • Curated recipes to help you eat healthy and balanced meals — without sacrificing taste!

  • Introductory coaching session to develop your health and wellness goals

  • Two 1-on-1 30-minute health coaching sessions

  • Access to our exclusive Members Only Facebook group

  • Client portal app for food and progress monitoring

  • Weekly live video group support calls

  • Daily health tips and insights to keep you motivated and inspired

  • Unlimited text support with Donna and the Ways 2 Wellness Team

  • Guest speakers in all areas of health and wellness

Stop hoping. Start living. 

What Clients Say


This is the first time anything has really worked for me so easily.  I was able to release 24 pounds and 15 inches….in just 6 weeks.   I no longer have cravings, I have much more energy and no more brain fog! I feel GREAT!


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